Unfinished business…

16269913499_a4895d8e10_o.jpg2 years ago my good friend, and fellow grass up the middler, Steve Makin took on the Kiwi Brevet.

16454433351_c303bcc55f_o.jpgThe Brevet follows a 1100km route, and climbs 11000 meters in the northern part of the southern island of New Zealand. You are allotted 8 days to finish the route. The rules of the brevet are similar to that of the Tour Divide. Complete the route under your own power with NO SUPPORT. You must call/text/or tweet at all 7 check-in locations. You also must spend 6 hours a day not travelling, meaning you may only travel the course 18 hours of the day!

16456221705_b6ca0af194_o.jpgMore information on the event can be found here – kiwibrevet

Steve finished the brevet in 2015 and had an amazing adventure, picking up new friends and learning some valuable lessons along the way.

16288201728_1499edce51_o.jpgThis year, with plans to visit his daughter (who has recently emigrated to New Zealand) already arranged. A golden opportunity to have another go at this fantastic event has been grabbed with both hands.

He’ll be sorely missed, as he’ll be away for a few months, but with any luck he’ll be sending progress reports along the way so we can all keep up (and be made slightly jealous!) with his travels.

Stay tuned…

Words – Paul Rance.

Pictures – Steve Makin.


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