An unexpected treat…

I’ve been back on the coast for a while now, post Covid recovery somewhat hampering the miles but nonetheless enjoying the summertime. Its always a busy time around here, but just now the roads are full of tractors towing freshly cut grass, I think the farmers have already gathered their third cut this year.

Meeting these tractors can be an unpleasant experience, presumably the drivers are paid by the load and seem to be of the opinion that the roads are there for their exclusive use only, I always pull over whenever I hear one approaching as I’m never going to win an argument with a phone obsessed tractor driver!

One positive thing about the grass cutting is that the local hares are easily spotted, their size and colour means that they are never mistaken for anything else, todays ride following the River Wyre estuary inland revealed dozens and dozens of hares, I’ve never seen so many in one day.

Having spent last night scanning maps I roughly knew the route I was planning to take (designed specifically to not meet any tractors) would keep me to small back roads away from the grass fields but once I saw the first few hares I soon forgot about that particular plan and just followed the hares along the unofficial tracks full of grass up the middle, both farm tracks and dog walking trails, I soon lost count of the hares and was simply enjoying the riding, the dry summer has made for firm ground, even the dead ends didn’t bother me, the lifting over gates was annoying but that’s more because of all the crap I carry with me on the bike!

The binoculars and a camera along with all my other ‘essential’ stuff came into their own today, stopping frequently to view the hares was a marvellous way to spend my time, add in a couple of buzzards and a marsh harrier just to make the day.

Eventually I got back on route and headed to a bench to check my camera to see if I’d captured any hares, needless to say that I hadn’t been fast enough, there were some nice snaps of lovely tracks though, and that’s what’s presented here, you’ll just have to imagine the hares.

Words and pictures – Steve Makin

2 thoughts on “An unexpected treat…

  1. Steve

    Matt, usually a small pair of Minox 10×25 if I’m just riding, but if I know I’ll be watching bird’s I’ll take my bigger Nikon AG 8×42 which are big and heavy, for casual watching the Minox are great.


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